What is Fucoidan?

A key ingredient found in marine brown seaweeds including Mozuku (Cladosiphan Okamuranus) and Mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida), Fucoidan is an oily polysaccharide bonded together with fucose, an extraordinary chemical structure that protects seaweeds from the elements and physical damage. Rich in F, U and G molecules, Fucoidan is known for its antioxidant properties.

Recent and extensive research conducted by renowned international bodies has unlocked Fucoidan’s potential as a highly beneficial bioactive substance for humans.

The US National Library of Medicine alone has conducted over 1,000 research studies on Fucoidan and the positive effects it has on the human body.

What Makes Fucoidan So Special?

Fucoidan derives its potency from its unique chemical structure, i.e. polysaccharides merged together with sulfate, plus a variety of nutritive minerals absorbed from the ocean. A combination understood to support immune efficiency – our body’s natural defence system.

What are the Benefits of Fucoidan?

While many prestigious institutions have concluded that Fucoidan can support and improve quality of life, there are specific areas that Fucoidan truly excels...

Inhibiting Cancer Cell Movement:

Countless scientific studies have proven that Fucoidan has the remarkable ability to STOP CANCER CELLS from spreading throughout the human body via effective constraint or obstruction of molecules known as selectins. What are selectins? Carbohydrate-binding molecules that bind to sialylated, fucosylated glycan structures, and are present in endothelial cells, platelets and leukocytes. They play a key role in physiological processes including inflammation, immune response and hemostasis. However, accumulated research has revealed that selectins can also support cancer metastasis (i.e. the spread of cancer throughout the body from its initial origin). Fucoidan has been demonstrated in the successful prevention of cancer cells adhering to blood vessel walls and, thus, spreading.

Japanese researchers at the Biomedical Research Laboratories have discovered that Fucoidan successfully caused leukaemia, lymphoma, colorectal and stomach cancer cells to self-destruct.

Dr. Daisuke Tachikawa, Vice President of Wakamiya Hospital, Oita, Japan, has identified the three distinct ‘powers’ of Fucoidan...

Power One – Incredible Apoptosis* inducing action in cancer cells/tumours

Power Two – Boosting immunity to help destroy cancer

Power Three – Effective control of Angiogenesis* achieved by depriving cancer cells of nutrition

While it should be noted that FUCOIDAN IS NOT A CURE FOR CANCER, studies in 2002 and 2005 hailed Fucoidan as ‘an exciting new ingredient with potential for cancer treatment’.

*Apoptosis is defined as ‘cellular death’

*Angiogenesis is the development of new blood vessels

Other Health Benefits Include...

Taking Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a natural formula containing all natural ingredients from Mekabu and Mozuku – it is not a drug. It is completely safe to take, unless advised not to consume sea vegetables by your doctor for medical reasons. There are absolutely no negative effects from taking Fucoidan with anti-cancer drugs or other medication.

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